About Us

Live Round Sound was established in 2014. We saw a market for people who wanted a quality audio system from a company who treats every customer as a friend. Our systems cannot be found at any store, and they are not outsourced for mass production. Live Round Sound audio systems are hand made in the USA. Each and every system is built to order right here, in-house at Live Round Sound. We will deliver a product that will go unmatched and shatter your expectations.



Customer Satisfaction

Live Round Sound takes pride in its high customer satisfaction rate. When we receive a call or email from a customer explaining how excited they were with their audio system, it truly puts a smile on our faces. Live Round Sound promises to treat every customer with respect because every question or concern is unique and important. Just like customers make us smile, let us make you smile.


Customer Service

With such a custom product, we help customers everyday with designing their one-of-a-kind Live Round Sound audio system. Whether it be a question about your current system, a future system, or just to drop us a line, we take pride in our customer service. We guarantee to treat you with the highest quality of respect.


Product Quality

All of our products are proudly hand built in the USA. Each and every audio system that leaves Live Round Sound goes through a stress test to confirm the highest of quality, resulting in utmost customer satisfaction. We tune, break-in, and triple check each system before shipment occurs. This being said, all of our systems are designed to take a beating for years to come. From the rugged design ensuring extreme durability, to the smallest detail in the custom paint, we guarantee a quality product.