You design. We deliver.

Since all Live Round Sound products are hand built to the customer's specifications, no two systems are alike. Between the different models, multiple accessories, and 25+ colors, there are MILLIONS of paint combinations to choose from. Each part of the system goes through a multistep paint process. Our mission is simple: To surpass your expectations down to the smallest detail. Choosing your colors can be a bit confusing. But, we're here to help you design the perfect system! Read below for more information.

How to choose your colors



The body of the ammo can. 

Shown in turquoise.



The lid of the ammo can. 

Shown in sun yellow.

Speaker Grills


The covers protecting the speakers 

from large debris. Shown in cherry red.



An extra layer of "thrown on" paint. 

Shown in blue.



The ON/OFF switch for the system. 

Shown in red. 

(Grenade, Mortar, and Nuke ONLY) 



The voltmeter used to monitor battery life. 

Shown in blue. 

(Grenade, Mortar, and Nuke ONLY) 

Optional Accessories


Are you sure you need a charger? Our systems utilize a 12v power supply. If 

you already own a 12v trickle charger or battery maintainer, there's no need to purchase ours! Any 12v trickle charger or battery maintainer that charges between 250mah-2ah will work great!

Solar Panel

Is your system needing a charge while away from a charger? We also offer a 12v, 1.26 watt solar panel to keep your system powered up no matter where you are!

12v Power Socket

Is your cell phone or electronic 

device needing a charge? Let us 

install a power outlet to help you 

charge your electronics on the go!

(Only available on some models)

How long does it take?

Ammo Can Audio Systems- Since each and every system is built to order, our build time is "up to 6 weeks". The paint process alone is a multi-step process that requires time for prepping, painting, and curing. Painted systems can take up to 6 weeks, but typically ship out in 3-4 weeks. However, non-painted systems (original) ship in 1-15 business days depending on which model you purchase. Waterproof systems do take a few extra days due to the waterproofing process requiring a good amount of time to cure and be individually tested.

Gator Soundbars- Each and every Gator Soundbar is hand built to order. The current build time on these is 20 business days or less. Since each system is hand built, it goes through rigorous testing once completed to ensure customer satisfaction. Each system is pressure tested for structural integrity as well as inserted into a vibration simulator to ensure the roughest conditions are no match. Once it is finished there, it is put under 3ft of water for 12 hours to ensure the system is water tight. Finally, the system is ran at full volume for 8-10 hours more to ensure proper output as well as helping to break the speakers in. Once these tests are completed, it is put through one more phase of quality control, packaged, and shipped out! Please be aware that once your system is shipped you WILL receive a shipping notification email that contains a UPS tracking number.

Portable work lights- Our line of portable work lights ship in 1-5 business days if no paint is added. Painted work lights will ship in 10-15 business days.

YETI Cooler Audio Systems- Our cooler audio systems are also built to order. Since we offer the option to send in your own cooler, the build time can depend a bit on this factor. From the time we receive your cooler you can expect it to ship back out to you in 10-15 business days. If you purchased a cooler through us, you can expect your system to ship out within 10-15 business days from the date of purchase.

Expedited Build time- We offer an expedited build time on any of our products for a small fee. This time is dependent on which model and options are chosen. For a quote on the price and estimated build time, please email us with the model and options you are interested in.