Donald Trump Jr.

"Perfect up at my cabin on the weekends."

Sam L.

"Hey guys, I purchased a Waterproof Mortar from y'all not too long ago. I accidentally put it to the test during a canoe trip this past December. It was sitting in the middle of the canoe playing obnoxiously loud music while we were easing down the peaceful river. We hit an unexpected set of rough water and got swamped with icy water. I turned around to see my mortar, with my phone inside, halfway submerged under water. Once we made our way to the first set of rocks to stop at, I immediately grabbed my LRS system to make sure it was okay. Sure enough, I turned it on and it played just as it had before. Furthermore, there was not a drop of water inside the box that could have potentially damaged my phone. I just wanted to drop y'all a line and let you know that your products are everything y'all say they are. I'm thoroughly impressed by the product you guys provide. Thanks again."

Jared G.

"The Waterproof Mortar is tough as nails. It rides on my 4wheeler and it is definitely waterproof."

Garrett W.

"Received my Mortar the other day for the boat. All I can say is wow! The quality of sound and battery life and how loud it will get just amazed me. Awesome product guys and I recommend this to anyone!"

Ray W.

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the box and appreciate the work put into this. It is absolutely incredible how much sound it put out at a noisy tailgate. Also got a lot of compliments."

Raymond S.

"Gotta give a big shoutout to guys at @liveroundsound they make some killer sound systems, extremely loud and definitely worth the money and hope to do some business with y'all in the future. Maybe a sponsorship?? :D"

Ryan Burkett (@AO_WELDING)

"Every welder on the road or in the shop needs a Mortar. Awesome sound, and great quality. I'm not afraid to take this thing anywhere. I am overly impressed with it and can't wait to get another one."

Kelsie Davenport @kelsie_davenport (CMT's TV show Party Down South)

"Idk about y'all, but I have always wanted a LOUD & WATERPROOF speaker to take with me on all of my float trips. I finally found one! They are made out of a military ammo can, which are completely customizable!"


"This is literally the coolest thing I've ever bought. Waaayyyy louder than what I thought. I'm the only person in this area with one that I know of too. Pissing people off for breakfast has never been easier. Thank you @liveroundsound for this precious gem."

Sam W.

"Hey! Just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipment of the Grenade. I couldn't be any happier with it! It's perfect! Thank you and your team for the best looking ammo boxes out there! Much appreciated! It's awesome! Was not expecting it to be that great and clear at high volume! Great work! And thank you again for all that you've done for me."

Susan H.

"AWESOME!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! That was "THE BEST" Christmas present of ALL TIME!! Our son, Parker, loves it!! It sounds so clear and loud. Perfect for outside, in the woods camping, our m/c rally, anything! Except in the kitchen... it rattles the glasses LOL. Thanks for getting it here on time as promised!"


"These things rock! Lovin' mine. Great sound, easy to use, and excellent battery life. Tough as nails."


"I have one of their speakers guys it's worth it, they are a great company with great products! Keep up the good work @liveroundsound."


"My awesome wife bought me a Bullet and it's perfect for camp fires/garage work etc. Can't imagine this monster (Nuke) rocking my backyard!"


"So d**n loud and sounds amazing!!!"

AZN @aznstreetoutlaws 

(Discovery's TV show Street Outlaws)

"I've wanted one of these for a while and then I figured out who was making them, thanks to @liveroundsound for the badass system!"

Cody Wayne

"I absolutely love my LRS can. The battery life is amazing, the sound quality is amazing, American made, the owner supports the military and ships nationwide. You cant really ask for much else. If you want something that will never depreciate and that you can use all the time. Boat, beach, river, pools, parties, etc. then you need to order your Live Round Sound can today."

Derek N.

"Pretty stoked about my new @liveroundsound speaker! It's way louder than I thought it was going to be and the wireless range is over 200 ft."


"Just received my Bazooka in the mail and love it. Could not ask for a better sounding audio system. Extremely loud and clear even for it's compact size. I recommend this to anyone and everyone."

Jake R.

"Got my set up for Christmas, loving it a lot. Thanks guys keep up the hella good work."


"Love your guys product! Not only is it great for camping and trips, it works wonders on the job site! Loud enough to drown out noisy generators and saws."


"@liveroundsound #laketravis #waterproof #thatbasstho #itdoesfloat"


"Super excited to have my Grenade custom built sound system here and ready for beach & bonfire season! Plug my iPhone in and I'm ready to ROCK!!!"