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Sending in your own cooler? You're in the right place!

Please print and include this form when sending in your RTIC.

How to send in your RTIC cooler

When sending in your cooler, please print the form above and place it inside the cooler. If we do not have this information your order will be placed on hold until the information is obtained. We will not be held responsible for coolers sent with no information. Your order must be placed before sending in a cooler. Coolers that are sent to us prior to placing an order may be delayed.

Coolers currently being accepted: RTIC 20, 45, and 65. 

Larger coolers accepted by request only.

Make sure your cooler is clean and dry. Please be sure to box up your cooler for safe travels during shipping. It is also recommended to insure the package in the case of loss or damage.

The name "RTIC", the logos and designs thereof including the color choices "White", "Tan", and "Blue" used in connection with RTIC coolers are registered and/or common law trademarks of RTIC. All rights reserved.